Synergy Patches

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Experience a 31% reduction in appearance of wrinkles and deep lines. The StemCutis Synergy Patch is the only product available with both the power of hyaluronic acid and our proprietary stem cell factor crystals. This special blend of ingredients makes the skin appear smoother, brighter and healthier.

The crystal delivery system on the patches helps drive the potent ingredients into your skin for maximum benefit. For greatest results, use twice a week on clean, dry skin.

Package: 4 pairs of patches / 4 applications

Stem Cell Factors
The highest quality mix of proteins and factors to promote your skin’s youthful appearance

Hyaluronic Acid
A major component of the skin, supporting hydration and healthy appearance

In the evening, cleanse your face, rinse and pat dry. Be sure your skin is free of any makeup or oily residue. Skin must be completely clean and dry before applying the patches. Do not use any leave-on products underneath the patches, including eye cream.

Tear open the pouch. Carefully remove the protective film, and do not touch the surface of the patch that will be applied to the skin. Apply the patch to your skin immediately after opening.

Patch application: Most commonly, the patches are applied to the crow’s feet area near the eye. When applying the patch, remove the protective film and place the patch against relaxed skin (do not stretch the skin). Gently press to activate the product and smooth out any air bubbles, ensuring attachment. Do not apply too close to the eye. Repeat with the second patch. The patches should remain on the skin for at least three hours, preferably overnight. You may apply any other cream to other areas of your face, staying at least ¼ inch away from the patches.

To remove the patches, hold the skin down as you gently peel back the patch. Remove any residue with a clean cotton wipe. You may follow your normal morning skin routine. Use patches 2 to 3 times per week. Do not use patches on consecutive days.