The Science



Wrinkles, crow's feet, age spots. These are all signs of your skin's deterioration on a cellular level. Your skin can regain a youthful appearance with StemCutis Synergy SCF, the best of science and nature in skincare.

StemCutis Synergy SCF (Stem Cell Factors):
Capturing the Power of Stem Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells are the body’s first responders at a time of injury or tissue repair. These stem cells provide necessary growth factors and proteins to successfully stimulate tissue to undergo fast and efficient repair. Scientists believe that through the secretion of growth factors and proteins, stem cells assist in skin repair and rejuvenation.

Understanding the healing powers of Mesenchymal stem cells, the scientific team at StemCutis developed a new line of skincare containing highly potent growth factors and proteins. Our stem cell secreted proteins, or Stem Cell Factors (SCFs), are produced in clinical grade clean rooms by cultivating Mesenchymal stem cells under the most favorable conditions. Once produced, SCFs undergo quality control testing before supplied as an active ingredient in StemCutis Synergy products.

Highest Quality Stem Cells Factors from Adult Stem Cells

Many skincare products claim to contain stem cells from organic sources including human and plant. What makes StemCutis products so different is not only the stem cell factors derived from the highest quality adult stem cells, but how they are preserved, packaged and applied to your skin.

StemCutis only uses proteins and factors manufactured by StemProtein. StemProtein's stem cells undergo rigorous safety testing in clinical trials, is licensed and quality-control monitored by several government agencies. There are no reports of contamination in the company’s years producing more than 30 billion stem cells. The safety of stem cells was demonstrated and approved by U.S. FDA clinical trials. These high-quality stem cells originate from the bone marrow of healthy, young-adult volunteers and are prized for their healing properties and safety.

Our stem cells are grown under the same low-oxygen conditions that exist in the human body. In vivo (inside-the-body) studies have shown these stem cells to be safe and to secrete higher levels of factors and other important proteins associated with skin health.

Patented Preservation Process and Unique Packaging

Once the proteins are extracted, they undergo a patented preservation technology called vacuum foam drying that ensures the potency of our products. Current industry standards use a freeze-drying method which can damage stem cell factors.

In addition to the highest quality stem cell factors preserved to ensure potency, StemCutis products are packaged to unlock the power of the stem cell factors upon use. With efficacy always in mind, each product maximizes the delivery of the stem cell factors to your skin.

Synergy Patches: A total of four packets of patches conveniently packaged in sets of two, using a crystal delivery system.

Synergy Essence: Stem cell factors encapsulated and activated only when needed in a nurturing lightweight fluid. The one-month supply is packaged in a set of four to ensure the viability of the stem cell factors.

Synergy Cream: Stem cell factors protected in nurturing beads that not only deliver the stem cells but act to exfoliate your skin.

Best of Science and Nature in Skincare

StemCutis Synergy products aim to restore your skin’s ability to fight the signs of aging. Stem cells are our body's natural regenerators, yet the ability of our stem cells to produce healing stem cell factors decline after we reach age 25. That's where science meets nature. StemCutis takes advantage of its exclusive license for stem proteins and factors from an FDA-licensed stem cell manufacturing facility for our unique skincare formula preserved and packaged to maximize results. Essentially, we blend science and nature to give you back the appearance your skin had when you were a young adult.