Proven Results

StemCutis Synergy Patches Test Results

Volunteers were asked to apply the StemCutis Synergy Patches three times per week at bedtime. Patches remained on skin overnight per directed use. Each volunteer applied patches to a specific area around each eye with measurable wrinkles (underneath or on the side of the eye). The area was decided upon during the initial consultation between the volunteer and study leaders based on the measured wrinkles in the initial pre-treatment appointment.

Follow-up appointments were made after one day, one week and four weeks of use. The skin in the treatment area was imaged with a specialized camera, and the wrinkle depth was analyzed.

Photos were taken with an Antera 3D imaging device, the only camera that can accurately measure wrinkles, texture, scars, skin color, redness and pigmentation. Measurements with this camera are highly accurate, with a +/- 5% error.

After four weeks of use, participants had up to 35% reduction in wrinkle depth with an average of 16% improvement. No adverse reactions were reported by any of the volunteers.