Proven Results

StemCutis Synergy Patches Test Results

Volunteers were asked to apply the StemCutis Synergy Patches at bedtime three times per week for eight weeks. The patches remained on the skin overnight as directed. Each volunteer applied the patches to an area near each eye (underneath or on the side of the eye).

Photos of the area were taken with a professional imaging camera after one day, one week, four weeks and eight weeks of use of StemCutis Synergy Patches. The camera used provides precise and magnified images of the skin.

After four weeks of use, most participants noticed improvement in skin texture, smoothness, and tone. After eight weeks of use, over 80% of participants observed improved appearance of fine lines and improved skin smoothness and more than 90% of participants reported improved skin tone. No skin irritation or any other complaints were reported by any of the volunteers.

All volunteers found StemCutis Synergy Patch product easy to use and had a very positive experience with the product. Some responses by actual users of our product include – “I love the product!”  “It’s easy to use” and “I can see very noticeable improvements after one month’s use”.