With so many options and anti-aging claims being made, how do you pick skin care that gives real and visible results?

Recent advances in stem cell research show amazing potential and a number of skin care lines claim to have very potent bioactive ingredients aimed at skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. However, the quality of bioactive ingredients differ and the preservation of these delicate ingredients is an important element to guarantee potency.

StemCutis has developed proprietary technology to stabilize its bioactive ingredients to ensure long-term storage at room temperature. In combination with a unique packaging design, we provide the first skin care line that assures having the same amount of active ingredients through its shelf life.

Quality Bioactive Ingredients

StemCutis harvests the power of human progenitor cells that act as first responders in our bodies. These progenitor cells are more potent than plant stem cells or human fat cells. StemCutis progenitor cells have been tested in Phase I and II IND clinical trials for safety. Progenitor cells possess unique healing power and help us rejuvenate our skin. These cells produce a large quantity of growth factors, cytokines, and proteins responsible for skin healing and rejuvenation.






How the Bioactive Ingredients Work

StemCutis skin care uses the power of regenerative science through growth factors, bioactive proteins and complex molecules as the main component of its Crystal-Stabilized Bioactive Complex (CsBC). These growth factors are known to play an important role in maintaining firmness, elasticity and even skin tone giving your skin a healthy glow. Application of CsBC also has a remarkable moisturizing and hydrating effect leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.


A proprietary method of stabilizing bioactive ingredients such as growth factors, peptides and proteins called “preservation by vaporization” is employed to create our Crystal-Stabilized Bioactive Complex (CsBC). This bioactive complex is preserved using a crystallization method that allows StemCutis to stabilize the activity of growth factors in the form of crystals, prolonging their life span and activity to over two years.


Even preserved bioactive ingredients cannot sustain their activities when exposed to moisture. To address this issue, StemCutis has designed packaging to protect its CsBC until ready for use.


Synergy Essence

Our Synergy Essence serum separates the bioactive complex from its liquid base and requires activation before your first application. After activation, we guarantee the potency of the CsBC for seven days when stored at room temperature. This is why our serum is packaged with four small vials instead of one large one.


Synergy Cream

Our Synergy Cream contains tiny beads that encapsulate the bioactive complex in a silky, nourishing cream. The CsBC are released by gentle pressure as you apply the cream to your face, neck, décolletage and hands. Unlike heavy creams, the Synergy Cream is light and non-greasy.






Synergy Patch

Our revolutionary Synergy Patch delivers a concentrated amount of CsBC to trouble areas. Worn overnight, these patches provide a boost of CsBC with results being seen sometimes in just one application. The CsBC are preserved in a dried hyaluronic acid formed as tiny microstructures that facilitate the absorption of the CsBC.