StemCutis has an exclusive, worldwide Stemedica license for indications in the skin care and dermatology fields. As part of the license, StemCutis also has full rights to any Stemedica clinical and pre-clinical protocols and results of any pre-clinical and clinical trials associated with skin care and dermatology conditions.


The StemCutis executive team has extensive expertise in medical research and launching successful biotech companies, especially in the fields of stem cells and laser technologies. The laser technology developed and commercialized by StemCutis’ co-founders has been used extensively worldwide by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.


StemCutis uses parent company Stemedica’s itMSC stem cells and stem cell factors, which are manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health Food and Drug Branch (FDB). StemCutis retains exclusive access to the itMSCs and any future modifications for indications in the skin care and dermatology fields.

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StemCutis is a Stemedica company. StemCutis, LLC
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Our Technology

itMSCs (ischemia-tolerant mesenchymal stem cells) are the “trophic” cells in stem cell treatment. Circulating throughout the body and homing to sites of injury, they release factors into the damaged tissue, rescuing damaged cells from death and creating the right conditions for the newly mobilized cells to proliferate and repair. Stemedica has an inventory of itMSCs that are being used in clinical trials domestically and internationally under the control of regulatory agencies specific to each country. Read More
Stemedica carefully screens each specimen in the manufacturing and quality-control phases. To date, Stemedica has manufactured the equivalent of 30 billion cells, and there has been no report of contamination or rejected lots. Read More

Clinical Trial

The global skin care products industry is predicted to reach $102.3 billion in 2018.* Recent trends show significant demand for premium skin care products with advanced ingredients, such as stem cell factors. StemCutis plans to conduct multiple clinical studies to demonstrate safety and efficacy of various cosmetic, oral care and dermatological formulations containing itMSC-derived factors for indications that include: Read More
Responsible for 80 percent of skin aging, ultraviolet light degrades and disorganizes collagen, which creates wrinkles. By the year 2018, an estimated 345.8 billion dollars will be spent globally on anti-aging products and services.* StemCutis is addressing cutaneous photoaging using a unique methodology. In the affected area, dermatologists enhance skin matrix remodeling by creating micro-wounds using microneedles or StemCutis’ proprietary laser technology. Read More
According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) August 2013 report, “2013 Practice Census Facts and Figures,” the 2012 hair restoration treatments market reached nearly $2 billion worldwide and is projected to grow. In a pre-clinical mouse study, Stemedica’s itMSC-derived, conditioned media factors showed significant efficacy in hair restoration. Read More